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SDG 10 – Israel Celebrates Social Equality Heroes at 75

Once again that season is upon us, when Israel annually marks an additional year of independence by celebrating those citizens dedicated to advancing equality in the country.

This year’s group selected boasts a number of truly impressive social impact leaders. They represent both the diversity of Israelis as well as their extensive acts of compassion. We invite our readers to make their acquaintance below. 

Yehudit Negosa – Founder and head of the pre-military framework “A Chance for Change”. Negosa’s organization works to transform the lives of underprivileged youth ordinarily exempt from the country’s mandatory army service (due to issues such as unsuitability/criminal record), preparing them to be successful conscripts and beyond. Despite her youth, this daughter of immigrants to Israel from Ethiopia is already an accomplished education professional.

SDG 10 - Israel Celebrates Social Equality Heroes at 75 - Social Impact Israel
Yehudit Negosa

Dr. Khetam Hussein – Rambam Hospital’s Infection Control Unit director, Dr. Hussein served as head of its dedicated departments for the treatment of COVID-19 patients at the height of the pandemic. A member of Israel’s Druze minority community, she was also chosen to lead a Holocaust commemoration on Mt. Herzl.

Prof. Avraham Rivkind – Head of Hadassah Hospital’s Department of General Surgery and Shock Trauma Unit, Dr. Rivkind also serves as advisor on trauma and ethics to the surgeon general of the Israel Defense Forces as well as medical director of the “United Hatzalah” volunteer emergency response organization. In addition, he spearheaded the Hadassah Medical Center Emergency Missions group, sent to assist countries that experienced earthquakes and terror attacks.

Nina Avidar Weiner – Founder and director (1977-2017) of the Israel Scholarship Education Foundation, which she established to help empower Israel’s marginal communities through education. An immigrant to Israel from Egypt in 1948, she originally focused her initiative on Jews who flocked to the country from Muslim lands. It later expanded to developing social and academic leadership among other cultural and ethnic communities in the country.

Sivan Ya’ari – Founder and CEO of “Innovation Africa” bringing Israeli solar, agricultural and water technologies to villages in Africa. Since establishing the project 20 years ago, Ya’ari’s organization has carried out more than 100 projects affecting at least one million people on the continent – contributing to the fight against hunger, as well as strengthening the health and educational systems.

As it celebrates its 75th Independence Day, Israel can be very proud of these and numerous other citizens dedicating their lives to making their country – and the world – a better place by contributing to a range of SDGs: eliminating poverty and hunger; reducing inequalities; making education, water and energy accessible; and ensuring good health. Well done!

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