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SDG 11- Cycling for Good Health and Healthy Cities

What if you could actually enjoy fresh air every day of the week (and not only on the weekends)? Thanks to the Israel Bicycle Association (IBA) now you can take in the sights, smells and sounds of your city, while pedaling on freshly paved bike paths on your way to work.

The IBA works to promote cycling, to improve public health, quality of life, the environment, increase the safety of riders, and reduce social gaps. The IBA’s activities for the environment have been so fruitful in fact, that it won the Green Globe award. Though it began in Tel Aviv, the IBA has successfully expanded its work to include several other cities in Israel. It’s achievements in Tel Aviv include 116 kilometers of bike paths, a bike rental project, and daily cycling of 15% of the city’s residents. More than 20,000 riders participate in the association’s annual event. The IBA also distributes a book and riding instructions free of charge.


The IBA operates on three levels. On the National level, the IBA is working on passing a number of bills: A bill to encourage bicycle transport, approval of a bill to increase the safety of riders, and approval of a bill to reduce bicycle thefts, among other laws and standards. Concurrently it is working on promoting a national outline plan for bikes, working with the Public Works department to regulate cycling along inter-urban roads, and promoting a bicycle lane program in the Dan Region. On the Urban level it is working on the creation of bike paths in Tel Avi, Haifa, Be’er Sheva, Jerusalem and dozens of other cities. And finally, on the Public level the IBA runs activities with residents, schools, organizations and businesses. It conducts public events and coordinates three intervention programs: “Ride to Work”, “Safe paths for school” and “Safe riders”.

Read about and support the good works of the Israel Bicycle Association.

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