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SDG 7 -ThermoTerra – A new form of sustainable Energy

The green energy eco-system is familiar with renewable energies such as solar power and wind power, ThermoTerra introduces an entirely new and exciting source of energy which is reimagining what’s possible! Using innovative and advanced technology, the Israeli-based company is on a mission to make humidity power a part of our everyday lives. 

As ThermoTerra states, “The company’s long-term goal is to develop a construction element to be integrated into buildings that reduces or even eliminates the need for heating, cooling or humidity balancing. This element might be a prefabricated wall, insulation panel, underfloor heating, or even active insulating coating for warehouse rooftop.”  

So, what is Humidity power management and how it is connected to sustainable energy?

Humidity power management is a technique that uses humidity to generate electricity. This can be done through a process known as the humidity differential power generation (HDPG) process, which involves using the difference in humidity between two air streams to generate electricity. Humidity power management is considered a renewable energy source because it relies on the natural process of evaporation and condensation, which are driven by the sun’s energy. The HDPG process generates electricity without the need for fossil fuels, which means that it does not produce carbon emissions. This can help reduce the overall carbon footprint of the energy system and contribute to the transition to a more sustainable energy mix. Humidity power management is used to increase the energy efficiency of certain processes or systems. to capture waste heat and humidity from industrial processes and convert it into electricity, for example, thereby reducing the energy that is needed from other sources.

ThermoTerra: A new form of sustainable Energy - SDG 7 - Social Impact Israel

Founded on Sustainability

With a team of innovative, tech-savvy professionals including CEO Eviator Tron and CTO Dror Zchori, ThermoTerra clearly recognizes the need for humanity to switch to more sustainable forms of energy and is providing a solution to do exactly that. Founded in 2015, ThermoTerra saw a gap in the market. Whilst the renewable energy sector draws millions in investment each year, humidity power was being overlooked. By recognizing this gap, the team behind ThermoTerra set to work on making humidity power an accessible and mainstream energy source. 

On a mission to change the way in which humanity generates and consume energy, ThermoTerra is an incredible, purpose-driven company , as mentioned in the company’s mission statement: “More and more people are asking not only where their energy comes from and if it is a renewable source of energy but also, what is the life cycle of the technology that harvests it.”

“We are joining that technology and conscious change, and presenting a new technology based on natural cycles that uses natural and safe materials, with a worldview that understands our position within the ecosystem.”

By actively incorporating SDG 7, ThermoTerra ‘ensures access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all.’

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