Shai-Lee Spigelman

Digital Revolution for Social Impact

Shai-Lee Spigelman - Changemaker - Social Impact Israel

CEO, Digital Israel, Ministry of Social Equality

SII: Please briefly describe your work

SLS: I am the CEO of Digital Israel, a national initiative approved by the government in 2017 that operates as part of the Ministry for Social Equality, and am responsible for leading Israel’s national digital strategy. The Initiative is a cornerstone of the Ministry’s efforts to narrow gaps in Israeli society and to create equal opportunities for all our citizens.

We have a relatively small staff and a private-sector mentality. Digital Israel partners with government ministries’ operational units in their most significant processes, assisting them in attaining digital transformation. We also lead our own projects, for example in advancing digital literacy.

SII: Name three principle values that you associate with your work?

SLS: 1. Harnessing the unique and meaningful opportunity provided by the digital revolution and the progress of ICT in order to reduce socio-economic gaps, promote economic prosperity, and create a smarter, friendlier government.

2. Transforming Israeli society into an innovative society, which is also a technology leader; in which every citizen, business, municipality, and government organization can take advantage of the inherent opportunities of ICT in the most optimal way possible.

3. Promoting innovation in the fields of digital education, digital health, digital welfare, realization of government benefits and a variety of other core issues.

SII: What positive impact do you see emerging through your activity?

SLS: Digital Israel is drastically changing the public sector, acting to reduce gaps and encourage economic growth. All our projects are measured by their impact in these areas.

The State of Israel is known as the “Start-up Nation”, yet a much too small percentage of its population is a partner to our technological achievements. Owing to Digital Israel and the changes it will foster – remember, we are a relatively new player on the scene – Israeli children will acquire the knowledge they need to realize their full potential.

We intend to ensure that the advantages of technology permeate throughout society, contribute to narrowing social gaps and provide equal opportunity to all members of society.

SII: Please tell us about your favorite project

SLS: My most favorite project is ‘Campus – the National Initiative for Digital Learning’. It is one of the first I worked on when I joined Digital Israel and one of our most advanced, very successful with impressive results. ‘Campus’ is an online learning platform aiming to reduce social gaps, increase the equality of opportunities for different segments of the population, and to provide flexible training solutions for an ever-evolving labor market. We have over 150 open and free courses, including academic courses from leading Israeli universities, language courses, professional training and more.

SII: What else would you like to share?

SLS: The world as we know it will be substantially different in 10 years. Governments will have to adapt and transform, or they will stop being relevant. I believe that this is precisely the role of Digital Israel – to help the government successfully navigate this transformation.

More about Shai-Lee Spigelman:

Ms. Spigelman served as Director of Marketing and Corporate Responsibility at Microsoft Israel R&D Center. She also served as Director Regulatory and Corporate Affairs at Microsoft Israel, managing CSR and government affairs.

In the past Ms. Spigelman was a Business Consultant at Shaldor a leading management consulting firm.

Ms. Spigelman holds an MA in Public Policy from Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University and a BA in Law from Tel-Aviv University.

In 2013 Shai-Lee was elected as Council Member of the Savyon Municipality.


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