Zero Hunger

SDG 2-Ending Hunger Through Sustainable Agriculture

The United Nations reports that nearly 2 billion people didn’t have access to safe and nutritious food last year. In fact, one of the core sustainable development goals (SDGs), SDG-2, focuses on ending world hunger and creating sustainable agriculture to reach “zero hunger.” With companies like Israeli start-up Afimilk, we are heading the right direction with sustainable and innovative technology for dairy farming.

Founded in 1977 in Kibbutz Afikim, Israel, Afimilk’s goal is to improve herd health, save time, and boost revenue. In 1979, the first electronic cow milk meter was created and AfiMilk took off. Over the next two decades, they developed the first use of conductivity for mastitis detection, the first commercial head detection pedometer, and the first dairy farm management system.

In 2000, they created the first integrated milking point controller and in 2008, the first in-line milk analyzer. In the last decade, AfiMilk has continued their tradition of groundbreaking advancements in dairy farm technology such as the first two-way wireless cow activity monitoring system, and the AfiFarm app.

Ending Hunger Through Sustainable Agriculture - SDG 2 - Social Impact Israel

Through cow monitoring technology such as the AfiCollar which offers 24/7 health monitoring for the cows from heat sensors to digestion to milk quality, and AfiAct II, a leg sensor which increases reproduction rate in the herd through heat monitoring. The technology provided by AfiMilk allows a healthier and happier life for dairy cows and better success rates for production.

On a larger scale, AfiMilk provides farm monitoring that’s fully integrated with apps and desktop monitoring so farmers can keep an eye on all aspects of the dairy production cycle from the comfort of a screen, giving feedback on animal wellbeing as well as precision milking.

Today, AfiMilk operates in over 50 countries and monitors approximately 1.4 million cows, every day across 15,000 farms. As climate change continues to threaten the earth’s fragile ecosystem, technologies like AfiMilk help farmers stay on track and their alert monitoring system ensures farmers are notified immediately of any malfunctions.

In many ways, AfiMilk’s technology is one of the key answers to achieving the UN’s SDG-2, ending hunger, achieving food security and improved nutrition and promoting sustainable agriculture. In recent years, food scarcity has been on the rise, and with the COVID-19 pandemic, that cycle has only intensified. The UN reports that small scale food producers are amongst the hardest hit. AfiMilk helps to remedy this problem by improving the speed, scale and health of the dairy products produced by its customers.

While dairy farming is but one aspect of achieving zero hunger, Israel’s AfiMilk is on the right path towards achieving SDG-2.

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