Affordable and Clean Energy

Alternative Fuel and Energy for the Masses

Is Israel going to drive its fossil-fuelled vehicles straight into oblivion? Or is an alternative already in the making…

 In 2011 the Israel Prime Minister’s Office launched the Alternative Fuels Administration and Fuel Choices Initiative. This was the game-changing move that put Israel on the map as a country that is serious about reducing its dependence on oil for transportation. 

Since that time that number of alternative fuel research groups in Israel has grown from 40 to about 220, and the number of alternative fuel companies has grown to about 500. Here are a few of the companies that are gaining speed in the industry:

  1. Aquarius Engines. This engine would power a “series” hybrid EV car, running both on gas and electricity. Aquarius is working with Peugeot to test its engine in a concept car. The company also is developing a lightweight portable generator based on its technology.
  1. Brenmiller Energy. Brenmiller Energy has created products for renewable energy including a thermal storage system that hybridizes any power source — wind, solar, biomass, nuclear, natural gas — to provide reliable, clean energy anywhere.
  1. Doral Renewable Energy Resources Group. In 2008, Doral was the first company to connect a solar photovoltaic (PV) system to the national electricity grid. This Ramat Gan company has several branches which operates renewable energy projects throughout Israel, especially in kibbutzim in periphery and rural areas. Recently Doral entered a joint venture agreement with Invenergy of the US. Doral is planning to introduce advanced means of electricity production, storage and smart grid solutions to eliminate the need for external electricity suppliers.
  1. Eco Wave Power. This Tel-Aviv based company uses its technology to extract energy from ocean and sea waves and convert it into affordable, zero-emission renewable electric power.
  1. ElectRoad. Founded in 2013, ElectRoad is developing a smart transportation technology using underground electric coils that will recharge electric busses and other public transportation vehicles wirelessly as they travel. The company is located in Rosh Ha’ayin.

More alternative energy companies have made the grade, enough to safely say that Israel may well be on its way to becoming a leader in the industry. GE may have brought good things to life, but Israel can do better.

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