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SDG 9 – A playground of Possibilities

Investments into infrastructure are a crucial,’ explains the UN in Goal 9. “It has long been recognized that growth in productivity requires investment in infrastructure.” An integral part of this goal rests upon the development of innovations within information and communication technology. One of Israel’s fasted growing companies,, is doing just this.

Established in 2014 by partners Eran Zinman and Roy Man, is revolutionising the way organisations do business globally. Their goal has been to create a team management system that connects people to workplace processes for companies of all sizes, across any industry. Their client’s teams range anything between 2 and 4000 people, across 200 industries in 140 countries. Beyond statistics, their technology is enabling people around the world to be empowered, more productive and happier.

An understating of their technology will help define how are developing quality, reliable, sustainable and resilient infrastructure as necessitated by the ‘Sustainable Development Goals.’ have essentially developed a system whereby project management and team management tasks can be managed from one place. Their services are allowing organisations to:

  • Manage their clients and projects by tracking clients, projects, invoices and payments
  • Collaborate better with their teams by enabling planned team workload, collaboration on projects and an intracompany communications platform
  • Create dashboards to stay on top of budgets, projects, sales and more
  • See at a glance all this information in a simple and user-friendly way

This tech is expected to be used by 120,000 companies in 2019 in a large variety of organisations such as construction, hotels, universities, government agencies, retailers and more. “It’s global reach has been vast, yet, limited to mainly English speakers” says co-founder Eran Zinman at the NOAHConference this year. Zinman explains they are building capabilities for all languages which will mean a penetration into the Asian Market. The profundity being,’s ability to change the way organisations across the world function on a day-to-day level, with the potential to increase productivity, efficiency and employee satisfaction.

In just a short time gained the awareness of International investors with a $25m injection of investments in 2017 and doubling in 2018. Heavily funded by mainly American investors has meant opening a new office in New York which will co-exist with the current head office in Tel Aviv. At what looks like a long-term innovation, will continue to change the landscape for businesses globally thus helping the UN’s efforts towards securing sustainable innovations globally. 

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