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SDG 9 – The Global Impact Tech Alliance

GITA, the Global Impact Tech Alliance, was founded three years ago as an Israel-based, international partnership with the goal of supporting investors, entrepreneurs and thought leaders the world over in their journey to connect the worlds of tech innovation and positive impact.

International summits, on-the-job training programs and networking events accessible on its data-based platform are all geared toward tapping into the immense impact potential of technology to collectively reach the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030.

The organization’s initial phase focused on the essence of impactful technology, understanding its potential in the broadest and deepest sense. Following this, GITA started bringing together global thought leaders and resource allocators for dialogues aimed to give shape and direction.

SDG 9 - The Global Impact Tech Alliance - Social Impact Israel

One of the highlights of this phase has been the GITA Master Series, which offers insights and discussions from world-renowned thought leaders. Now, focus turns to specific technologies and alliances that promise massively scalable positive impacts on the planet, people, and life itself by fostering an alliance among cities, scientists, entrepreneurs, and investors.

GITA’s current objective is to bridge the infrastructural gaps faced by cities aiming to align with Kate Raworth’s concept of “doughnut economies.” These gaps will be addressed by leveraging the power of heliogenic materials – organically cultivated via processes such as biomineralization and bio-fabrication, all inspired by the principles of biomimicry.

By fostering collaboration among practitioners committed to building a good future, GITA is working to create the infrastructure required for making survival a reality (SDG9). It supports investors in mapping their risk profile to the rapidly changing landscape of challenge and opportunity, and provides support in creating products and services that promote the mission of impact tech investors.

This transformative initiative may not only reframe existing structures but also infuse life into a new social contract. The forthcoming GITA book will delve further into this topic.

-By Thomas Schindler, Director, GITA-Germany,; special to Social Impact Israel-

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