Life On Land

SDG15-A List of Israeli Start-ups that Meet the Challenges of “Life on Land” Goal

Look at these Israeli start-ups which take us a step further to achieving Life On Land Goal


Evogene is a biotechnology company developing products for life sciences markets through the use of a computational predictive biology platform that incorporates deep scientific insights and advanced computational technologies. Evogene utilizes this platform to discover and develop agro-chemical, agro-biological, and seed products.

Breath of Life Pharma

Breath of Life Pharma (BOL Pharma) is a provider of medical cannabis, drug development, and CBD APIs. The company operates across the industry’s value chain, from growth to finished product, adhering to strict regulatory standards, including Global GAP, GMP, FDA, and EMA.


PIC-Plast produces sheeting for greenhouses, tunnels, orchards, vineyards, soft fruits, and ground cover. The company also develops modular metal structures based on its SOLARIG covers.



Agripper was founded out of the will to aid greenhouse’s farmers with the complex and high labor demanding growing tasks.

Growee Technologies

Growee is developing an autonomous nutrient distribution system combined with a growth analytics cloud platform. The company’s technology offers a plant monitoring and feeding solution for small-scale indoor framers by combining real-time sensing with feeding algorithms and automation.


AgroLogic develops systems for animal husbandry control and automation. Its product line and controllers are designed to regulate every aspect of production with greater ease and efficiency. AgroLogic products and systems are currently in use at thousands of farming facilities worldwide.


Biovac develops and produces vaccines and pharmaceuticals to prevent and treat animal diseases. The company also produces vitamin preparations, disinfectants, and pest-control products.


BioNanoSim develops and manufactures a drug-delivery technology that deposits polymeric biodegradable nanoparticles into the body. BioNanoSim has developed new therapeutic entities for topical/ocular cannabis drugs.


VBact develops and manufactures real-time, automated, direct-imaging-based solutions for detection of bacteria and other microorganisms and microparticles in water, beverages, and other liquids. Its technology is free from labeling, culture methods, and the use of biochemistry reagents.


Profit-Agro develops, manufactures, and builds agricultural structures. Its projects include the construction and implementation of greenhouses, net-covered structures, and walk-in tunnels, as well as custom-made technologies.


N-Drip is the developer of a gravity micro-irrigation system that utilizes existing flood irrigation infrastructure to provide efficient drip irrigation. The system uses pressure lower than 0.06 bar and is compatible with dirty water, thus requiring no filters.

Farm Dog

Farm Dog offers a pest and disease management platform designed to help growers optimize their field treatments, increase yields, and promote environmental sustainability. The company’s solution aims to ensure that fields receive the right treatment, at the right time and location, via AI-enabled workflow software and analytics.


Agrematch develops a computational platform that enables a continuous supply of novel crop protection products for use against the continuously changing threats to crop production. The company’s artificial-intelligence algorithm analyzes enormous amounts of data, matching known compounds with unmet agricultural needs.


BioFishency has developed an all-in-one water-treatment system for land-based aquaculture. Its process overcomes the challenges of limited water availability and the buildup of toxic ammonia excreted by fish, thereby improving survival, growth, and reproduction.


GammaSeed is developing seed analysis solutions based on artificial intelligence and image processing to help ensure seed quality, purity, and health.


Panaxia Pharmaceutical Industries specializes in medical cannabis R&D and manufacturing. The company’s goal is to align medical cannabis with formulation technologies and the highest available pharmaceutical standards. Panaxia currently manufactures a variety of standardized medical cannabis products including sub-lingual and oral tablets, metered-dose inhalers, creams, and suppositories. The latest developments include a dried powder inhaler and cannabis gel and jellies.


Classeed’s technologies are aimed to solve the problems of garlic sterility, flowering, and seed production. The company found methods of garlic propagation to replace the limited and expensive methods of clove planting.

Alvit LCS Pharma

Alvit LCS Pharma is a vertically integrated medical cannabis research and development company specializing in pharma grade cannabis product development and drug delivery technologies.

Green 2000

Green 2000 offers professional turnkey management services ranging from consultation to fully designed, constructed, and equipped agricultural projects. The company also specializes in exporting seeds and adapting them to local climate conditions.



FruitSpec offers a solution designed to provide accurate early-season fruit yield estimation. The company’s solution is based on hyper-spectral machine-vision technology.


MetoMotion is developing a multipurpose robotic system to perform labor-intensive tasks in greenhouses in order to reduce the limitations and high costs associated with human labor in vegetable production. The company’s first application is a robotic harvester for greenhouse tomatoes.


Anglebase has developed a container for detached substrate cultivation and a system designed to control irrigation and fertilization based on each plant’s specific needs.


Avisco is a biotechnology company introducing Inula viscosa from the wild for cultivation as a standardized crop. The company specializes in Inula viscosa cultivation, processing, extraction, production, standardization, and quality control for a wide range of proprietary herbal therapeutic and skincare formulations.

Ilan Bio

Ilan Bio has developed a temporary immersion system designed to facilitate a larger volume of propagation and uniform high-quality, disease-free plants over a short period of time. The system can also be used as a continuous culture to produce bioactive compounds.

GAVISH Control Systems

Gavish Control Systems develops control systems for the agriculture market. Its software and equipment are designed to operate, monitor, and control functions in greenhouses, dairy farms, and fish farms. Gavish’s control systems are made to enhance efficiency and productivity on the farm.

Metabolic Insights

Metabolic Insights is developing new technology platform for screening, development and understanding of plant metabolites in plant-based compounds to achieve sustainable solutions for crop protection and productivity.


ClariFruit is a provider of optimization software solutions for the fresh fruit and vegetable industry. The company offers mobile, cost-effective, and cloud-based automation solutions for measuring the quality and ripeness of fruits and vegetables.

Cannabics Pharmaceuticals

Cannabics Pharmaceuticals Inc is a U.S. public company developing a platform that leverages novel drug-screening tools and artificial intelligence to create cannabinoid-based cancer therapies tailored to each patient’s specific profile.

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