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Bet Elazraki - Opening Doors for Disadvantaged Children

When one door closes, another one opens. Though the doors to many homes for Israeli kids are – for all intents and purposes – closed, Beit Elazraki’s doors are wide open.

Located in Netanya, Emmanuel Bet Elazraki Children’s Home was founded in 1969 to help children facing serious crises. The house became a humble home to 40 children. Today Bet Elazraki is home to over 250 children, ages 6-18 from all over Israel. The vast majority of the children living at Bet Elazraki were born to multigenerational welfare families who are unable to conduct a functional family unit. Alcohol and/or drug abuse, parents with mental illnesses, severe neglect, physical or verbal abuse or any combination of the above are just some of these kids’ backgrounds. The children are referred to Bet Elazraki by welfare officials.

Under the leadership of its Director Yehuda Kohn, Beit Elazraki’s diverse staff of professional educational and counseling staff provide the children with therapeutic treatment, as well as scholastic, educational and social enrichment each day.

Bet Elazraki’s mission is to ensure that these children develop self-esteem, contribute to society and raise their children in normal family settings – in loving homes of their own. The main goal at Bet Elazraki is to break the vicious cycle of distress that has been a part of their lives. Once this has been achieved, the children can begin to realize their full potentials.

Practically, Bet Elazraki has been able to accomplish this goal by implementing a structured, professional work model. The children attend regular school during the day, and come “home” to Bet Elazraki in the afternoons, where they focus on schoolwork and receive therapeutic intervention.

The graduates of Bet Elazraki are proof that the system works. They are serving in the IDF – many in elite units; studying in university – towards first and second degrees; they are working in top prestigious jobs; getting married and raising healthy families. And even after they have grown up, Bet Elazraki’s kids know they can always come home.

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