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SDG 4- When we say Quality Digital Education - we mean Snunit

Snunit – the bird, the website, the organization, or all three? If you answered all three, you would be correct. Snunit (translation: a swallow) is an organization and a website aimed at advancing computerized education in Israel using a mix of the best of technology for teaching, learning and evaluation. Its focus is the development of computerized educational content for schools and for kid’s free time.

According to Snunit, technology has vast educational potential and can have a lasting influence on processes of learning in the 21st century. Snunit’s learning channels are fresh and enjoyable, and catered to the needs of the learner, his goals and his abilities.

Snunit was founded in 1994 by Professor Nava Ben-Zvi and Mr. Dudu Rashati, when the World Wide Web was still in diapers. In 1999 Snunit became an independent non-for-profit organization through the generous support of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and the family of Nir and Beverly Barkat.

A cursory cruise around the website reveals portals to other learning websites in the usual classroom subjects, as well as Arabic, the Knesset, Energy, the Home Front Command, Israeli Culture, Israeli governmental offices, the Israeli economy, Prayer and Poetry, Israeli history, News for Kids, the Israeli calendar, the Torah portion of the week, fables for children and adults…just to name a few.  Of course, the games are too numerous to mention, but they appear as intriguing as the learning portals. Take a glance around for yourselves at Snunit and just try to leave (!)

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